2021reddot winner 红点奖包装设计作品展示(一)

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Food Packaging·LIU NIAN NIClient:Left and Right Creative Design (Shenzhen) Co , Ltd , Shenzhen, ChinaDesign:Left and

Food Packaging·LIU NIAN NI

Client:Left and Right Creative Design (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., Shenzhen, China

Design:Left and Right Creative Design (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., Shenzhen, China

This packaging features a graphic five-pointed star symbol on the underside of the durian shell, indicating the exquisite quality of the fruit inside. As the Musang King durian from Malaysia is the most expensive variety, this symbol, which in China indicates the highest quality, also serves as a unique selling point and a seal of authentic quality that reassures buyers. The opening of the elaborately designed packaging simulates the scene of a falling Musang King fruit to emphasise that it should only be harvested when fully ripe.

Cosmetics Packaging·MEIQINA

Client:Left and Right Creative Design (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., Shenzhen, China

Design:Left and Right Creative Design (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., Shenzhen, China

The packaging design for this brand of hair colour cream focuses on a direct approach to a predominantly young target group in China. As young people like to change their hair colour to create various fashionable styles, the packaging design intends to make them fall in love with this start-up brand. The design uses geometric graphics to define various characters and hairstyles. Bright, eye-catching colours were chosen to make the packaging particularly appealing to young and creative people.

Cosmetics Packaging·LITT LION

Client:Shenzhen Tianxing Cloud Supply Chain Co., Ltd., Shenzhen, China

Design:Shenzhen Tianxing Cloud Supply Chain Co., Ltd., Shenzhen, China

Based on the concept of sustainable development, the packaging for a series of skincare products specially developed for babies is made of degradable plant fibres. It features bamboo cyan as the primary shade, reflecting the natural ingredients. The “smooth chamfer design” is inspired by the tea polyphenols in the camellia extract, with the hexagonal benzene ring in its chemical formula used as the main design element for the series. As hexagonal bottles can be pieced together, pentangle patterns are applied in proportion to the bottle. Thus, three bottles can be combined to form a complete pentangle to symbolise “children of the stars”, the sign for children with autism.


Beverage Packaging·Compendium of Materia Medica Garden

Client:Left and Right Creative Design (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., Shenzhen, China

Design:Left and Right Creative Design (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., Shenzhen, China

Aiming to communicate a natural and healthy feel, this beverage packaging visualises that the brewing formula of this “health wine” was derived from the famous Chinese medicinal book “Compendium of Materia Medica”, and that only authentic herbal raw materials and traditional brewing techniques are used. In terms of design, a herbal graphic symbol features on the bottle, as well as a herbal plant with water drops and leaves engraved along both sides. The light-green colour of the herbs, complemented by the element of water drops on the leaves, fosters an image of beautiful nature.

Beverage Packaging·LI SHI ZHEN

Client:Left and Right Creative Design (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., Shenzhen, China

Design:Left and Right Creative Design (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., Shenzhen, China

This packaging design for herbal wine is inspired by the story of the famous medical scientist Li Shizhen who lived in China’s Ming Dynasty. It envisions his travels in search of authentic herbs, as this corresponds to the product’s concept of “herbal fermentation and careful brewing”. The bottle is engraved with mountains, while water waves and herbal leaves are carved on its bottom. The green colour of the bottle and box reflects the characteristics of this wine fermented with herbs. Simple graphics show the history of Li Shizhen’s medicine collection and underline the brand’s ambition to inherit his spirit of seeking authentic medicinal materials.

Food Packaging·Kocbek

Client:Kócbek, Sveti Jurij ob Ščavnici, Slovenia

Design:Visual Brain Gravity d.o.o., Ljubljana, Slovenia

The design of this bottle is inspired by the old wooden stamp that the company founder Alojz Kócbek used to mark the highest quality of his pumpkin seed oil in 1929. Since then, the production of this oil has become a family tradition. To underscore the quality, the bottle is mouth-blown from the purest glass at the renowned Steklarna Hrastnik glass factory in Slovenia and features a shape that matches the worn 90-year-old wooden stamp. The initials of the founder, AK, on the bottle are also based on the original. A specially developed glass pipette allows the oil to be carefully dispensed.

Beverage Packaging·Tuborg Beer in Dai-Styled Cans

Client:Tuborg, Carlsberg (China) Breweries and Trading Co., Ltd., Guangzhou, China

Design:Aha Solution Digital Marketing Co., Ltd., Technology & Strategy Co., Ltd., Guangzhou, China

Tuborg beer in Dai-styled cans is a product rebranding for the Chinese market to encourage young people to reflect on the traditional national culture. The design of these limited-edition cans features the ethnic style of Dai brocade, a traditional handmade textile craft of the Dai ethnic group. Taking cultural relevance into consideration, the design combines the traditional patterns of Dai brocade with the geographical products of the Dai national symbol to develop three types of geometric patterns with national characteristics, each signifying best wishes for the Dai people’s New Year.

Cosmetics Packaging·Aenaon

Client:Vivotron Laboratories, Glyfada, Greece

Design:BOB STUDIO, Athens, Greece

With a clean typographic approach, this packaging design captures the characteristics of each product, while emphasising the technological character of the Aenaon brand. The logo is simple and forms part of the product description, accompanied by a small circle symbolising endless time. The packaging also functions as a display and is reminiscent of a showcase for a valuable, luxurious object. The embossed lettering inside the box conveys technological excellence and purity without any unnecessary elements. In line with the minimal brand identity, a conically shaped jar was chosen to support the statement of uniqueness and differentiation.

Coffee Packaging·KUDU Coffee Roasters

Client:Kudu Coffee Roasters, Likovrisi, Greece

Design:BOB STUDIO, Athens, Greece

Creating a brand with the intensity of coffee was the objective of this packaging design. The name KUDU, in reference to the African antelope, was used as the key feature of the brand. The basic design characteristics are simplicity, flexibility and a raw, primitive aesthetics. This was implemented through a hand-drawn logo, in which each letter was uniquely designed, approaching it with purity and inimitability as if it were primitively written on a wall. The second “U” symbolises the African kudu antelope in the same primitive way, making it unique as a symbol and a neatly fitting part of the identity.

Beverage Packaging·Milgrad

Client:Bryansk Dairy Plant OJSC, Bryansk, Russia

Design:Depot branding agency, Moscow, Russia

Competition among dairy products in Russia is fierce. That is why a blue cat was developed for the Milgrad brand of the Bryansk dairy to highlight the products on the shelf with something really new and cute to win the hearts of consumers. The cat roams over the packaging of the various dairy products, peering expectantly from around the corner, toying with a string or simply staring curiously at the consumer. The illustration starts on one side of the packaging and continues on the next side so that the viewer can interact with it directly on the supermarket shelf. At the same time, several packs can be joined together to show the complete cat gliding across the packaging. In this redesign, the familiar and frequently used colour coding was retained: white for milk, green for kefir and light brown for buttermilk. The background is kept in minimalist white, while a different font colour sets the foodstuffs apart. The furry ambassador appears on every product and has managed to win the hearts of people and media channels far beyond the country’s borders in a very short time.

Sustainable Packaging·DR. XIGUA

Client:Shandong Tianzekang Medical Technology Co., Ltd., Jinan, China

Design:Shandong Veikao Advertising Co., Ltd., Jinan, China

Targeting young people, this packaging design showcases an innovative material design and stylistic idiom to break away from its otherwise common product shape. Made of environmentally friendly and biodegradable PET materials, the large bottle in the series is equipped with a separate lid with a filling quantity scale, so that using the lid is more hygienic. In addition, a small 100 ml bottle has been developed which allows refilling from the large bottle, a design solution that makes this mouthwash also suitable and convenient for business trips.

Retail Packaging·Mini Hexa & Mini Link

Client:Kakao Enterprise, Seongnam, South Korea

Design:Kakao Enterprise, Seongnam, South Korea

The approach of this packaging design for the Mini Hexa & Mini Link AI devices aims to create a friendly appearance. The idea is to appeal to a target group that is new to AI devices. Soft and natural kraft paper was used as the main material, while the use of plastic was minimised. The graphical patterns on the Mini Hexa and Mini Link boxes pick up on the silhouettes of each product. By featuring these pattern graphics instead of actual product images, the packaging design evokes a sense of suspense until the moment the box is actually opened and the products are revealed.



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