2021reddot winner 红点奖包装设计作品展示(三)

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Food Packaging·FrankfulClient:Orkla Foods Sweden, Frankful, Malmö, SwedenDesign:Silver, Stockholm, SwedenThe Frankf

Food Packaging·Frankful

Client:Orkla Foods Sweden, Frankful, Malmö, Sweden

Design:Silver, Stockholm, Sweden

The Frankful brand, which is aimed primarily at millennials, revolves around the concept of climate-smart food that combines taste experience, simplicity and sustainability in a playful manner. The packaging is recyclable, renewable and fossil free, as well as smart sizing. Its clean logotype and typography meet colourful and illustrated characters, playfully spreading climate-smart messages. Simple iconography highlights the unique features of each individual product. With a pastel, contrasting colour palette and a humorous tone of voice, the design aims to make climate-smart food accessible.

Sustainable Packaging·Grower Cosmetics

Client:Grower Cosmetics, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Design:Yan Zaretsky, Saint Petersburg, Russia

The brand Grower Cosmetics, a local producer of hemp cosmetics, supports leisure and promotes humane care for both the client and the environment. The packaging thus visualises this idea through cardboard, recycled eco-friendly paper and silk-screen printing. The micro-cardboard made by a local manufacturer is recyclable and compostable. The packaging does without primer or varnish, and the text is created using a silk-screen method. The gift-box package has a seven-sided shape reminiscent of a hemp leaf. It offers a unique unboxing experience with a zip punchline that reveals the full content at once.

Retail Packaging·Blackstar

Client:Teknikmagasinet, Sundbyberg, Sweden

Project Team:Jacob Norstedt (Creative Director) Jonas Berg (Senior Designer) Tobias Rehnvall (Designer) Ida Stagles (Account Executive)

Design:Silver, Stockholm, Sweden

This packaging for the retail chain Teknikmagasinet was designed to meet an increasing demand for more affordable e-gaming equipment. It is part of a new product line under the company’s own Blackstar brand. The concept revolves around the idea of a vast alternate universe for gamers to explore. In the “darkness of empty space”, all products are visualised as glowing planetoids, each with a unique name and bold colour scheme. The idea implemented here is that each product adds its own special light and life to the Blackstar universe, making it a vibrant and strong visual world.

Cosmetics Packaging·Ampoules: beauty skin care our little - big wonders

Client:Janssen Cosmetics GmbH, Aachen, Germany

Design:Mohr & More Communication GmbH, Aachen, Germany

The packaging redesign for a series of beauty ampoules implements the goal of appealing more to younger women, yet without driving away the older target group. The design was influenced by the fact that JC care products use only active ingredients, which convince with visible and noticeable results and are particularly skin-friendly. Also implemented was the design specification that five of the ampoules in the packaging are new to the range, and that all nine different types need to display the visual coherence of a single series. Moreover, the agency developed the individual ampoule names by hinting at the effect of the fluids.

Food Packaging·In a clean and chic design.

Client:GAFATEAM Einkauf-Handel-Marketing GmbH & Co. KG, Salzkotten, Germany

Design:Schindler Parent GmbH, Meersburg, Germany

This packaging was designed to achieve a modern, clean and aesthetic look. All of the manufacturer’s products in different packaging forms need to have a high level of uniformity and recognisability, yet at the same time maintain a very individual product presentation. Integrating all food-related and legal information was particularly challenging. The resulting “clean-chic design” for the Pickosta/Garanta private label presents the product in an unobtrusive manner against a white background, with the company’s name underneath it, thus creating an association with good food.

Cosmetics Packaging·Fragrance Beads Packaging

Client:Hangzhou Chuxin Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Hangzhou, China

Design:Xiao He, Hangzhou, China Yan Wanling, Hangzhou, China

The design of the Evershine in-wash scent booster is inspired by a heart-warming scenario of family laundry and the functional properties of the product. Taking the shape of a garment, the packaging enables consumers to grasp the function of the product at first glance. An attractive white colour was chosen to convey a sense of affinity, while the ribbon design in the collar area adds more dynamism to the overall appearance. The colour of the ribbon and lettering is matched to that of the balls, so that users can identify the fragrance of the product by the colour of the packaging. The cap also serves as a measuring cup.

Health Product Packaging·Super Element

Client:inDare Design Stragegy Limited, Shenzhen, China

Design:inDare Design Stragegy Limited, Shenzhen, China

This packaging design for a sleeping aid was developed in conjunction with renowned universities. The idea is to convey a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere that breaks away from a traditional appearance. Therefore, the bottles were decorated with labels to evoke a feeling of intimacy in consumers. For the outer packaging, a calm, blue translucent material was chosen to visualise the benefits of the product in helping consumers improve sleep. The transparent packaging box and the product form a visual connection that reflects the product concept of “Super Sleep 21”.

Music Packaging·Myths of the Islands

Client:Willy Krieg Tai, Taipei City, Taiwan

Design:David Lai Workshop, New Taipei City, Taiwan

The “Myths of the Islands” design visualises the music album’s theme of growth. Stags and chains are the main characters on the album cover, representing a uterus breeding life. The design of the back cover features the song titles and endemic plant species in Taiwan. Instead of the usual metal band, the outer packaging of this music album uses wood-like paper with laser engraving to convey the simple texture of logs. Distinct pieces of wood chip and the engraving depth lend each album copy a unique appearance. The lyrics are placed as a strip on one side, which is run through by a huge sacred tree when unfolded.

Beverage Packaging·Enchanting Tsingtao

Client:Qingdao, China

Design:Studio OY UK, Richmond, United Kingdom

The packaging design for the Enchanting Tsingtao beer brand visualises the beauty of the coastal city of Qingdao City, once known as Tsingtao. While a sapphire blue is used as the main colour to symbolise the sea, the outline takes the shape of the Chinese character “Qingdao”, which includes the Landmark Scenery and Urban Construction Projects of Qingdao from different eras with the four spatial perspectives of air, sea, land and ground from top to bottom. A minimalist and flat illustration style was chosen to enhance the identity of each element and provide an overview of the changes in the city of Qingdao over the past century.


Tea Packaging·Dali Mixed Tea

Client:Dali Health, Hangzhou, China

Design:Linshaobin Design Shenzhen, Shenzhen, China

This eco-friendly packaging for a selection of 18 teas comes as a light-grey outer box of simple design that conveys the low-key character and tranquillity of Chinese tea culture. The inside of the box, however, is intricately designed. It features 18 small boxes, each with its own characteristics, but they can be displayed together in the same space, with rich and varied beauty. Different colours, illustrations and fonts are thus combined in one single outer box to present a unique visual product experience, almost like in an art exhibition. In terms of font strokes, illustration details, colour matching, text layout and imagery, each of the inner boxes has its own small innovations.


Food Packaging·The Culture of Enjoyment

Client:Frankfurt/Main, Germany

Design:MÜNZDIEAGENTUR GmbH, Montabaur, Germany

As part of a relaunch of the FrischeParadies private label, a high-quality design was created with an artistic signature that reinterprets the brand. The packaging is marked by shapes that visualise the moving sea. The result is a clear brand image that highlights a rough brushstroke design which acts as a distinctive eye-catcher and visual anchor. This gives the brand appearance a high degree of recognisability. Moreover, it communicates the notions of “l’art de vivre” and a sophisticated lifestyle combining art and enjoyment in line with the brand message.


Retail Packaging·instax SQUARE SQ1

Client:FUJIFILM Corporation, Tokyo, Japan

Design:FUJIFILM Corporation, Tokyo, Japan

The instax SQUARE SQ1 camera was designed to allow users to enjoy square-format shooting and to experience the joy of artistic expression in everyday life with ease. The design features a combination of simple square shapes to create a look reminiscent of stationery with a broad appeal. As environmental awareness becomes a part of everyday life, the simple and tasteful aesthetic is intended to appeal to users from all demographics and encourage them to hold on to their favourite camera for years to come, rather than throw it away. The packaging features silk-screened illustrations of the camera, highlighting the shape of the product.


Cosmetics Packaging·FACEGYM

Client:Facegym, London, United Kingdom


This packaging design for a line of skincare products is made of solid aluminium. It meets consumer expectations of luxury while also being infinitely recyclable. For this project, an innovative Italian metalware manufacturer was commissioned from outside the normal supply chain of the beauty cosmetics industry. The result is a jar that is especially competitive in the luxury market due to its recycled aluminium, with a refill system made of 100 per cent recycled marine plastic. Each jar is individually numbered to encourage consumers to keep it as a valuable object, rather than as a disposable, one-time-use plastic container.


Packaging·O&R Tissue

Client:Vivotron Laboratories, Glyfada, Greece

Design:QiyuanXiao, Shenzhen, China

The functional concept for this packaging for various types of sanitary paper, designed in plain white with discreet printing, establishes a positive relationship between people, the environment and the packaging. The focus is set on the motto “wearable, hidden and portable”, which serves as the base to cross the conventional boundaries of packaging. The packaging can be worn on the body like a fashion accessory. Individual rolls of toilet paper, for example, are connected with a strap and carried like a bag, while paper towels are worn like a bracelet and are right at hand when needed.

Sustainable Packaging·Eco Basketball Packaging

University:East China Normal University, Shanghai, China

Supervising Professor:Jinming Chen

This design is multifunctional and eco-friendly. It is a packaging for a basketball, designed from corrugated cardboard with a hexagonal structure. Its special feature is that it can be converted into a stand by simply folding it. This is an advantage for retailers because the basketball can be conveniently displayed in a shop. The consumer, in turn, can use it to transport the sport item and store it inside after use. The benefits, which go beyond the simple use as a packaging solution, are in line with the zero-waste concept.



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